An Act of Love

A bubbly and happy fifth grader, Margareth’s energy is contagious. She lives with her family in Nicaragua.

Margareth was introduced to Project Philip Bible studies at her school. “This is the first time that I did studies like this at school,” she says. “I received Jesus Christ in my heart after concluding one of the booklets. Today I understand that we need to receive and accept the Lord to be forgiven for sins. Also, we must forgive! Through Project Philip studies, I learned that, and I practice it at home with my friends.”

Project Philip has brought Margareth numerous friendships at school, and the lessons have taught her how to love her friends. “Before, I had long hair,” she starts, “but I cut my hair to give it to a friend in the hospital.”

Margareth’s friend Isabel lives in her neighbourhood. Margareth noticed her friend began missing school, and she wasn’t seeing her around. So, she went by to check on her. She wasn’t home. Instead, she was in the hospital. Margareth soon found out her friend had cancer.

The idea came quickly. Margareth decided she would cut her hair to donate to Isabel. “My parents did not say no because they liked the idea of me helping my friend have a wig,” she says. “Some of the boys from my neighbourhood made fun of me with short hair, but it does not bother me,” she says. “I did it to show love to my friend. It was an act of love, just as Jesus did when He gave His life for me through love.”

Margareth prays for Isabel and puts her trust in Jesus. “I am trusting that Jesus who loves me and loves my friend, too, will restore her health,” she says. “When I think of her, I forget about my issues and understand that health is a gift from God. I have to be thankful for it!”

By giving to Project Philip you are a source of love to the people of Nicaragua.

Pray for Margareth’s to see her friend Isabel healed and many come to know Jesus through this act of love.


The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

By Giving to Nicaragua is an act of love