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Children’s ministry reaching entire families

12-year-old Sajatmi* is one of around 85 million children living in Indonesia – the fourth-largest population of children in any country. She lives in a large, overcrowded city where her father works to earn a meagre income – just enough to afford rent and provide food for the family.

As Sajatmi approached her teenage years, she was feeling overwhelmed with sadness and a lack of hope. She was failing at school and felt unloved by her family, particularly her father. Then one day, it was though God knocked on the door of her heart. She was invited to a children’s outreach that was run by a Bible League-trained pastor.

“My teacher taught me from the Bible that Jesus loves little children and hears their prayers,”  Sajatmi recalls. “I immediately felt loved and thanked Jesus for loving me. I have never doubted God’s love after that day.”


Sajatmi was delighted to receive a Gospel Colour Book and Children’s Bible for participating and graduating from the Project Philip for Children Bible study.

“I read the Children’s Bible daily,” Sajatmi says. “The pictures help me to remember the stories. I tell the stories to my mother and she shares it with my father.

“Thank you, Bible League, for providing these books to me. I read and memorise verses and God has blessed me as a result.”
Sajatmi’s parents now come to the local church and are delighted to see an incredible transformation in their daughter, even her school grades have drastically improved as she eagerly reads the Bible.

Bible League’s ministry among children in Indonesia is thriving. Often when a child participates in a Bible study, their parents become interested in learning about Jesus too. How true is the verse in Matthew 19:14 ERV when Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them, because God’s kingdom belongs to people who are like these children.”


*Name changed for security reasons

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