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Chavita, the Tortilla Lady

Sister Maryann was trained by Bible League and does ministry in many houses in her community. We went to the house of one of her church’s members for a Project Philip Bible study. There we met Chavita who was befriended by Maryann soon after her husband had a terrible accident at work and was declared “paralysed for life.”

Chavita shares, “I didn’t want to know anything about God, then sister Maryann came to visit and started talking about God. She also started praying for my husband who was completely paralysed. Now he is able to walk again which is a miracle healing!. That is how we came to know Christ. My husband stays at home now and helps me with my tortilla making business. He goes to buy the dough every day,” she says.

“I have always made tortillas and also work for a tortilla shop where i make 200 – 220 to sell every day. I have 4 children (3 boys and 1 girl) and they are all adults now. The market for fresh tortillas has decreased, it used to be 300 tortillas per day, now it’s about 200. There is lots of competition because of the quick-mix tortillas. Also, 6 people in our neighbourhood are doing original mix tortillas. In total from my tortilla business I make about 40 Cordobas a day ($1.67), just enough to survive, while my other job pays 28 Cordobas a day. My son sells newspapers on the street which is also a low-income job. But my work helps me relate to Jesus. Jesus too referred to himself as the Bread of Life. The disciples and Jesus ate bread that was baked every day. We must always be mindful that Jesus will meet our needs and give us the Bread of Life we need.”

Sister Maryann smiles widely as she realises how powerfully Chavita’s testimony impacts the group of seekers doing the Project Philip course.

Pray: The people in Chavita’s community will find nourishment in Jesus, the ‘Bread of Life’.

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