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Bibles for the Muslim World
Many Christians and new believers in closed countries around the world don’t have their own Bible. Give the gift of God’s Word to those who are persecuted for their faith. Christians from Muslim backgrounds are hungry for the Bible in their heart language
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Training Church Planters
Most people in rural Kenya are mere subsistence farmers. The need is great and this Christmas we are trusting God's powerful Word to transform more lives. Be a part of planting many Churches in Kenya by training Church Planters who are so committed to see many in their communities come to know Jesus!
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Bibles for Under-Resourced Church
Throughout Africa there are millions of people hungry for the Word of God in their heart language. Reach someone with the gift of God's Word this Christmas.
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Prison Bible
The number of people in prison in Australia has grown to more than 40,000. Men, women and children all incarcerated for varying durations from a couple of months to a life sentence. With our partners based as Chaplains in prisons and having access to the inmates, we are able to place a Bible and supporting biblical resources in the hands of a prisoner. God could change their lives forever and truly set them free!
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Children's Bible-Based Literacy
Children in earthquake ravaged Nepal have little hope of a future. Through the Bible-based Literacy program these kids not only learn to read and write using the Bible, they also get to meet Jesus. Provide one or more children with biblical resources and real hope that comes through knowing Jesus.
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Project Philip for a Bible Study Group
We all know the benefit of studying the Bible in a group. We are able to discuss content and ideas with each other as well as learn from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Give the Gift of Project Philip resources to all the members of a Bible Study Group in Indonesia.
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Church Planter Training Christians and Churches in many parts of the India suffer daily persecution. Where will they go to celebrate Christmas? Be a part of planting a church in India by training a Church Planter. Each one trained reaches at least 45  people for Jesus each year! Many will meet under a tree because Church to them is about worshipping God, wherever they gather. Add to Cart


Illustrated Children's Bible
In Nicaragua we are wanting to plant 8,520 Children's Bibles. Despite poverty and false teachings, the demand for Bibles from particularly children, is growing.
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