One Woman’s Church Plant Halts the Building of a Mosque

As you travel north from Accra, the Capital of Ghana, you become increasingly aware of how much more the Muslim faith has taken hold in the northern part of the country.

Gradually, the mosques, which were no more than a house with a turret in Accra, become these huge multi-storey buildings occupying entire blocks of land in the Northern Region. But it is in this setting, some 850km drive north of Accra and about 70km south of the Burkina Faso border that you find the region called Walewale. This is the capital of the West Mamprusi District, but is still no more than a town of 20,000 people. Taking a dirt road east you head into an area which is reported to be 86% Muslim. It is here that you meet Paulina, a Church Planter trained by Bible League.

Paulina, a young lady in her early 20’s, is part of the first group of 16 Church Planters to be trained in Ghana. Having completed the program, she felt the Holy Spirit leading her to plant a church in this remote area where no church has existed before. The community of around 9,000 has a substantial mosque and because of the proliferation of the Muslim faith, the locals had outgrown their mosque and had started to build a new, bigger mosque. But the building work has been halted, because the Muslims have heard that there is a “new faith” in their village, being Christianity. Not only is it an alternative to their traditional, ritualistic Muslim faith, but early reports from converts are testifying that they have received healing and forgiveness and love and new life in Jesus!


Michael’s Massive God-given Vision

After travelling a considerable distance by dirt road, you are faced with a rather precarious bridge which you need to cross on foot in order to walk another 20 minutes until you meet Michael, a Church Planter with a massive passion to share the gospel.

He didn’t wait to graduate, but instead started evangelising in his village of around 700 people. Michael planted a church here and in less than a year he has 42 members. They currently meet under a tree, but in his own words he says: “I have a vision as big as my God!”. He has his eye on a building which can seat 300 and is convinced that God will allow him to use this building in the future. “When we have everyone in this village saved, we will move to the neighbouring villages.”

The area where Michael pastors is known for its idol worship and strong Muslim beliefs, but Michael sees this as a great opportunity for God to do amazing things. “The further away from God the people are, the better for God to show His power through His Holy Spirit! I am still young, but God has been drawing people to himself for thousands of years,” adds Michael.

“I have been using Project Philip and the resources I got from the Bible League Church Planter Training with these people and I see them hungry for God and His Word. There was no church here, but God can use even me to plant a church here,” he adds with a broad smile and a bold heart.