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Building Houses for a Living, Building a Church for a Calling

Pastor Maximo is not your typical pastor. He is a builder by trade, and when you visit him on-site you witness a truly passionate tradesman who has been involved in construction all his working life. But he really comes alive when you start talking to him about his Calling, the work he does in building God’s Church in Nicaragua.

“It was in 2008, and I was at the lowest point in my life,” recalls the humble tradesman. “My marriage was falling apart because of my heavy drinking and constant aggression and abuse of those closest to me.  My mind was consumed by negative thoughts and the more I looked to myself for strength to make things better, the worse my situation became.  I felt helpless and did not know what to do.”

“My wife then heard about an upcoming Christian retreat and begged me to attend with her. I decided to go along, in the hope that it would somehow save our marriage. Encouraged at the retreat and clinging on to hope, we invited the Pastor and his leadership team to host a Bible study at our house. Reading from Luke 16: 19-31, Pastor Armando shared the story of the rich man and Lazarus with us. I was so encouraged by God’s message and realised, it is never too late to find hope and strength in the Lord. By the end of the evening I had committed my life to the safe and comforting arms of Jesus. I felt like a new man, a new husband and father. Since then I have gone on to complete the Church Planter Training with Bible League and now we have a church of around 40 believers,” says a thankful Pastor Maximo.

“The church building is however incomplete and construction has been very slow because of limited funds. By God’s grace I will finish this church with my own hands for members and the many new believers we pray will join us.”

“Already we meet there, with half the walls and half the roof on! Our village here in the mountains has 3,000 people and I want them all to meet Jesus. I will lay these bricks with my hands and I will let God build the people through His Word!”

Pray  for the completion of Pastor Maximo’s church and continued growth in membership

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