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A Man Learns His Worth

The Dalits are known as the ‘untouchables’ in many parts of South Asia. They face discrimination at all levels of social interaction, and are openly threatened and insulted in public spaces. Shumon grew up regularly experiencing this type of social rejection in southwestern Bangladesh. “In our country, the untouchables are condemned to poor sanitation, limited employment opportunities, and live in deplorable circumstances,” he explains. “Being born at the bottom of this system made me feel like I had no mission in life.”

Shumon heard about Project Philip Bible studies through a church leader who invited him to come and be a part of the discussions. “The lessons were very interesting. After coming to this church and hearing the Word of God, I began to experience a sense of belongingness. I no longer felt alone and separate from society,” he says. “Before I only knew rejection and discrimination, but here I found the love, care, and acceptance that is beyond my words to describe.”

Shumon completed the Bible study lessons and responded to the Gospel by becoming a believer. “God’s Word was a soothing balm for my wounded soul. I’ve discovered new life in Jesus Christ, and I got a Bible from the program! I did not own a Bible before. My heart is filled with joy every day as I read the Good News! God has opened my heart and mind to the truth in His Word. Thank you! You have given me hope and promise for my future,” he says. “My life was miserable, but now I look forward to sharing God’s message with others.”

With your gift today, the Dalits can experience love and acceptance as they read God’s Word.

Pray that more Dalits will find love and acceptance in Christ.

The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.